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About Us

a conscious community for change

Founded by The Climate Optimist and The ecobabe, The Collective is an all-inclusive, global network with one mission at hand: we want to leave behind a better Earth, a better legacy, a better way to live for all. 

But that legacy starts with us; and we mustn't rely soley on sustainability. For Mother Earth to sustain, we must focus on regeneration. We must adjust our consumption habits. We must learn how to drive change. We must fight for environmental and social justice. We must re-wild the wild. We must no longer live apart from Nature, but live as part of Her instead.

If you've been longing for something meaningful, if you've been wanting to take action for the Earth, if you've been craving a healthy, supportive community - welcome to The Collective!

Wether you're just activating your eco journey or you're a professional activist already, join us! Reconnect with our Planet and remember how good it feels to protect Her. 

We stand united for Community, Education, Action, and Impact. This is The Collective way, together.

Why You Should Join

welcome gift

Start regenerating the Planet right away with a tree planted in your name. Special certificate included.

community forum

Members sincerely appreciate our community and the strong support they receive in it. We know because they tell us :) Here, you deeply bond with like-minded individuals, connect on worldly issues, schedule meet-ups and share climate ideas and impassioned projects for the planet, all while receiving reinforcement and valuable insight.

exclusive content

Our community stays organized by allocating one eco topic per month. Each topic is accompanied by a file filled with important information, curated just for you. Think of our community as your healthy home for sustainable living and climate action. These files are your home's library, where you learn how to drive micro and macro change - without spending any time on research.

one-on-one with experts

Sit down every month with the professionals Monica and Anne Therese personally look to for education and inspiration in health and wellness, sustainability, climate change, and self-care. This time is for you — you ask, the experts answer. These video chats are recorded, so you can listen anytime, anywhere.

climate optimist class

A monthly class to continue to change the climate change narrative, so we can act from optimism and courage, rather than fear. We believe Climate Optimism is imperative in our fight for justice, so that our work remains effective, sustainable, and down right contagious.

Q&A with monica and anne therese

This is where you get all your sustainable living and climate questions answered! Each month, we meet on the Clubhouse app for "Collective Connect", a member networking event and rapid-fire Q&A with co-founders Monica and Anne Therese.

featured film

A must-see film is purchased for you each month, regarding our respective topic. Each film comes highly recommended at the hands of our industry's best professionals.

collective action

An initiative is introduced each month, in correlation with our respective topic. All details are nailed down for you. You just take action and make an impact!

resource guide

Your one big resource to the zero waste products and eco-wellness services Monica and Anne swear by, all with unique discounts (reserved just for Collective members) so you can live your best ecobabe and Climate Optimist life.

vip newsletter

With each start to a new week, a newsletter is sent straight to your inbox! This itinerary includes your Collective schedule, special quick tips, spotlighted eco swaps and suggested actions of the week. 

24/7 access

You have around the clock access to AT and Monica and their eco expertise.

carbon footprint tracker

A special calculator so you can actually SEE the individual impact you’re making every day!

member only meet-ups

Your opportunity to evolve relationships with fellow Collective members into friendships at fun meet-ups and special events both virtually and on location near you. East and West Coast Chapter meet-ups to come!

Together, we have the power. As The Collective, we have the knowledge. So the only question is... when will you start? x M & AT

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